Patrick Mc Evoy

Patrick Mc Evoy has been a regular speaker since 2011. After losing his job as a carpenter in the 2008 financial meltdown, Patrick started going to Hyde Park in search of answers and opinions. He was keen to start a debate that would help him and others understand why the current capitalist system was preventing them earning a fair wage. Patrick’s own beliefs have developed during his time as a speaker. The debates and discussions at Speakers’ Corner have helped shape his philosophy of life and, he says, improved him as a human being. The experience has given Patrick a profound respect for public speaking, and he has developed a globalist view of the world. Initially frustrated at his lack of employment prospects, he now sees himself as very fortunate to live in the west, which is rich compared to much of the rest of the world.  Though some people said: “You’ll always be marginalised if you go down to Speakers’ Corner,” Patrick has every intention of continuing to speak there.

Audio of Patrick

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