Julian Meek

Julian Meek had speech difficulties as a child, so communication subsequently became very important to him. After intensive speech therapy he had a calling to use his gift of speech. Though bright, Julian grew up with dyspraxia and dyslexia, as well as dysphasia, at a time when these conditions were little understood. Speakers’ Corner was “a way of gaining a sort of university education without going to university.” He established the Open Platform in 1989 where anybody could get up and say a few words or speak for up to 20 minutes. The idea was to give a voice to a wide range of people and encourage opposing views to be heard. He still uses this approach in his ministry in Stratford Unitarian Church. Julian believes everyone has a piece of ultimate truth within them, and that truth is a process rather than a doctrine. He saw this process in action at Speakers’ Corner and in the group he nurtured around the Open Platform.

Audio of Julian

“The ‘Open Platform’”