Use these activities to accompany the Speakers’ Corner Timeline.

Each set of activities has one zipped file. Keep the documents together in one folder and location so that the audio in the powerpoints will work.

1. Introduce Speakers’ Corner (powerpoint) and fun audio / visual quiz activity:

This is useful to introduce any of the following exercises and to introduce the timeline.

Download here.

2. Public speaking Speakers’ Corner style (activities):

Students try out speaking and heckling in the style of Speakers’ Corner, and practice making an effective short speech.

Download here.

3. Introduce oral history (powerpoint) with homework oral history ‘make your own timeline’ exercise:

The aim of this pack is for students to consider how communication methods have changed within living memory through using oral history interviewing. The homework exercise can be extended by amalgamating the short timelines created into a large timeline if you wish, see teachers notes. The oral history powerpoint can be used with other lessons to introduce oral history as a practice and historical source.

Download here

4. Visit Speakers’ Corner (activities):

Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park adjacent to Marble Arch is a unique and exciting place for students to visit (Sundays only). Previous school groups have mounted their own platforms at the Corner and tried out heckling speakers. If you want something more structured to do, use the treasure hunt activity to help students explore the Corner and its environs.

Download here.

About the project

Sounds from the Park is a unique oral and visual history of Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park: the UK’s last great open air oratory site.

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Our exhibition can be seen online here or read our booklet about Speakers' Corner.

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Radio show

Our radio show can be listened to here.

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Education resources

History and Citizenship resources for Key Stage 3 and 4. Complete with a timeline of events at Speakers' Corner and other resources.

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